About the CreAZ


What is a CreAZ?

A creation A to Z, CreAZ for short is a creation made at your request via the provided order form and fully customized! 


  1. You choose your articlea fashion jewelry (necklace OR earrings), a jewelry set (necklace AND earrings), an accessory (bag accessory, keychain), a jewelry box, a hanging decoration,...
  2. Its type: 'open bezel' (metal frame filled with resin) OR resin (resin piece made using a mold). These two types have several possible shapes.
  3. Metal color (of the chosen open bezel which all findings will matched with metal color or the used findings used for the resin piece).
  4. Theme for CreAZ: proposed list is not exhaustive in the form so please don't hesitate to tell me about your ideas for your CreAZ, I, for that matter, left a free space in the form if you have a precise idea :)


If you wish for one of my already existing creation or out of stock version (customized or looking alike), you can directly contact me on Instagram (direct message or email) or on elloweencreations@gmail.com (with subject: CreAZ inquiry). I will do my best to answer as fast as possible :)

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