The Catdron (custom-made)

Welcome in the Catdron category! This part with a peculiar name* is dedicated for customization :3 

You have several possibilities to do so: 

  • Some creations are already made and you can choose the final version among a choice of findings (the price will change depending of the wanted version), a necklace? A bag accessory? A keychain? This is your choice! :3
  • A creation from A to Z known as CreAZ


* This is a play on words using a homophony of Cat and Cauldron...Why this word? Because the Cat is my logo's symbol and a cauldron is a tool to cook or mixing stuff, the perfect pun for a customization! :3



  • CreAZ (creations from A to Z)

    A creation A to Z, CreAZ for short is a creation made at your request (via the provided preorder form) and fully customized! 

  • Final Versions Customs


    This category gathers all already decorated pieces where their final version result will be at your demand :)

    Will it be a necklace or a bag charm? The choice is yours!