Polar Fox 'Chione' pendant

A wonderful polar fox shaped pendant of a great elegance and beautiful iridescent snowflakes.

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A polar fox full of elegance with her iridescent snowflakes and her pearly white fur.

This fox or more exactly vixen gets her name from Chione, Boreas' daughter (Boreas : Greek god of the cold North wind and winter bringer), Greek goddess of cold, snow and ice.

Other polar foxes pendants or bag accessories are also available in the Winter Collection!


Pendant sold by itself.

Open bezel, uv resin.

Ring in gold plated stainless steel, open bezel in golden metal alloy.

Dimensions/weight: 5 x 4 cm (1,9 x 1,5 inch) / 7 g (0,24 oz)

  • Condition : new

winter season winter fox polar fow snowflakes iridescent glitters

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