• Sale Offrandes au crane lunaire 2

    Lunar Skull Offerings

    Covered in flowers skull surrounded by half-moons (glowing in the dark) in the transparent red background.

    3,50€ 2,45€ excl. tax

  • Sale Porte cle cristal violet 3

    Purple Crystal Keyring

    Purple crystal keyring, an original design with glitters and colored using petri art :3

    5,00€ 3,50€ excl. tax

  • Sale Cristal tricolore 4

    Tricolor Crystal

    These pretty three-colored crystals shaped keyring plays with their transparency effect to create colored effects.

    6,50€ 4,55€ excl. tax

  • Sale Glace halloween 2

    Halloween Ice Cream

    Stange living ice cream with odd flavors (Sweet? Savory? Bizarre ingredients?)

    9,50€ 6,65€ excl. tax

  • Sale Sorciere citrouille 3

    Pumpkin Witch

    Very detailed Halloween pumpkin with stickers, glitters and special effects (eyes glow in the dark!) This keyring can also be used as a bag accessory if you wish.

    11,00€ 7,70€ excl. tax

  • Sale Bijou de sac vol vers le manoir hante 2

    Bag accessory 'Flight to the Haunted Manor'

    This piece represent the sight from a flying bat's eyes (the one hanging as a charm). Heart shaped mirror open bezel, piece made of uv resin. This piece can also be used as a bag accessory if you want :)

    13,50€ 9,45€ excl. tax