Candy Thief Bunny version: this bunny plushie loves stealing kids' candies so much its fur is covered of them, thus becoming the Evil Teddie Bears favorite prey! 


Open bezel, uv resin. Acrylic beads.

All metal findings and pieces  are guaranteed nickel/lead free.

Dimensions/weight: 11,5 x 3,5 cm (4,5 x 1,3 inch) / 22 g (0,77 oz)


The Evil Plushies: Candy Thief Bunny bag accessory

The Evil Plushies Collection: cats, bunnies, Teddies,...your favorite plushies twisted for Halloween. Some are cute others may be directly coming from a horror movie, you can choose your version! ♥

Reference: BAG004

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bag accessories halloween spooky/cute bunny candy

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In all cases, the creation process will start once the payment has been completed. Custom-made items' price will be mirrored with existing premade items' (except for B grades). 

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