• Butterfly Heart Pendant

    A pretty embellished heart shaped pendant with its both sparkling and transparent center, the butterfly inclusions seem to freely move inside. (Final version à la carte: necklace or bag accessory)

    6,50€ inc. tax

  • Cupid's Arrow bag accessory

    A 100% Love bag accessory full of hearts and glitters! Cupid came here :3

    4,00€ inc. tax

  • 'Cupid 's visit' Pendants

    Simple but cute love themed pendants as they represent Cupid's traits :3 Possible final form can be as necklace or bag accessory of your choice!

    7,50€ inc. tax

  • Cute Gothic Cat Bag accessory

    A pretty cat shaped bag accessory with dark glitters , decorated with a big acrylic bow bead.

    10,00€ inc. tax

  • Heart Keys Jewelry set

    A jewelry set with cute colors and an elegant design.

    18,50€ inc. tax

  • Jewelry Box Sweet Lolita

    Beautiful winged heart shaped jewelry box with a crown sitting on top with pastel and dark colors (and lots of glitters) in the Sweet Lolita theme.

    26,00€ inc. tax

  • King of Hearts' Scepter Pendant

    A beautiful winged scepter shaped pendant with a crown sitting on top. This royal vibes accessory belongs to the King of Hearts (a nod to Alice in Wonderland theme).

    7,00€ inc. tax

  • Queen of Hearts' Scepter Pendant

    Piece to custom: can be a choice of bag accessory or necklace (price will change depending of the version)

    7,00€ inc. tax

  • Star Key Electric Mouse Pendant

    Your favorite electric mouse around your neck :3

    6,50€ inc. tax

  • Sugary Heart bag accessory

    A pretty heart shaped bag accessory with pastel glitters and fake sprinkles, decorated with a big acrylic bow bead.

    12,00€ inc. tax

  • Sweet Bunny 'For You' bag accessory (B grade)

    A pretty heart shaped bag accessory with pastel glitters and a cute bunny sticker inclusions, decorated with a big acrylic bow bead.

    9,50€ inc. tax

  • The Spring Keys

    Two small and cute pastel colors key/heart pendants, each painted by hand. Two versions available: golden and silver.

    6,00€ inc. tax