glows in the dark

  • Sale Bones brooch 1

    Bones & Brooch

    Skeletons are roaming for Halloween!  Original brooch both cute and spooky, glows in the dark effect. The perfect item for your clothes or bags :)

    4,50€ 3,15€ excl. tax

  • Sale Bouh le fantome grade b 4

    Boo the Ghost (B grade)

    Liquid shaker Ghost in chains (old school version), glows in thr dark, details painted by hand. 

    10,00€ 7,00€ excl. tax

  • Sale Lanterne hantee version a 6

    Haunted Lantern (A version)

    Halloween lantern with its ghosts and evil spirits! This charm glows in the dark!

    10,00€ 7,00€ excl. tax

  • Sale Lanterne hantee version b 3

    Haunted Lantern (B version)

    Each lantern has its own inhabitant, choose your favorite version! A cute lantern with ghosts roaming around!

    8,00€ 5,60€ excl. tax

  • Sale Offrandes au crane lunaire 2

    Lunar Skull Offerings

    Covered in flowers skull surrounded by half-moons (glowing in the dark) in the transparent red background.

    3,50€ 2,45€ excl. tax

  • Sale Sorciere citrouille 3

    Pumpkin Witch

    Very detailed Halloween pumpkin with stickers, glitters and special effects (eyes glow in the dark!) This keyring can also be used as a bag accessory if you wish.

    11,00€ 7,70€ excl. tax

  • Sale Bijoux de sac gang des sorcieres citrouille 1

    'Pumpkin WItches Gang' Bag Accessory

    Cute and Halloween themed cats and dog bag accessories? Over here! ;3

    11,50€ 8,05€ excl. tax

  • Sale Bijoux de sac p tits fantomes animaux 1

    'Smol Animal Ghosts' Bag Accessories

    For everyone loving ghosts and/or cute animals... You can adopt these two smol furbags in white sheet! :P Their whole body glows in the dark (even their eyes!). Once enough charged with light (either with sunlight or using an uv lamp) they can glow for a while! 

    10,00€ 7,00€ excl. tax

  • Sale Spooky charms a messages 2 1

    Spooky Charms with Text

    Witch hat shaped open bezel with 'MAGIC' text, can be used as charms or bag accessory. 'PUMPCAT' version (pun mixing PUMPkin and CAT :P) with glow in the dark effect.

    7,00€ 4,90€ excl. tax

  • Sale S 83877919

    'Stacked Cats Happy Halloween' Charm

    Two black cats and one ghost white cat...If it wasn't Halloween enough for you, I also gave them scary stickers!

    7,00€ 4,90€ excl. tax

  • Sale Les chats vampires 1

    The Vampire Cats

    Vampire Cats collection, twins vampire kitties created by using holo effect and creating a mirror like effect!

    10,00€ 7,00€ excl. tax