• Sale Chat angelique irise 6

    Angelic Iridescent Cat

    A gorgeous winged cat shaped pendant with blue iridescent effects and decorated with rhinestones. A cute and elegant design at the same time.

    13,00€ 9,10€ excl. tax

  • Sale Bijou de sac carte du chat de cheshire 4

    Bag Accessory: Cheshire Cat Card

    For this accessory, the Cheshire Cat is appearing on the Ace of Diamonds card ;3 The iridescent shape glitters emphasize this mysterious cat.

    7,00€ 4,90€ excl. tax

  • Sale Pendentif chat noir et rose d argent 3

    Black Cat and Silver Rose Pendant

    This black cat is elegant on any occasion and seems to wear a tuxedo.Instead of a bow tie, he prefers his silver rose ;3

    11,50€ 8,05€ excl. tax

  • Sale Chacolat 5


    A cat shaped bag accessory giving the impression of being made of chocolate ('Cacolate') with coconut chips :P

    10,00€ 7,00€ excl. tax

  • Sale Bijou de sac shaker liquide tete de chat bling bling jingling 3

    Liquid shaker Cat Head Bling-Bling & Jingling bag accessory

    Are you searching for something sparkly? Well, you found it! The bling-bling from its name isn't only because of the glitters but also of its bell sound (jingling)! (>ωO)

    15,00€ 10,50€ excl. tax

  • Cosmic Animals studs

    Your favorite animals assembled as studs and space themed!

    5,50€ excl. tax

  • Sale Chat cosmique 1

    Cosmic Cat

    A beautiful necklace with its cosmic colored cat shaped pendant and glitters like stars.

    11,00€ 7,70€ excl. tax

  • Sale Bijou de sac chat mignon gothique 3

    Cute Gothic Cat Bag accessory

    A pretty cat shaped bag accessory with dark glitters , decorated with a big acrylic bow bead.

    10,00€ 8,00€ excl. tax

  • Sale S 83877922

    'Imp Cat from Hell' Charm

    A hellish cat charm that will become either a necklace or a bag accessory according to your wish :3

    7,00€ 4,90€ excl. tax

  • Sale Pendentif chaton et roses rouges 2

    Kitty and Red Roses Pendant

    A pearly colored cute kitty. The final version can be a choice of bag accessory or necklace

    13,50€ 9,45€ excl. tax

  • Sale Bijoux de sac gang des sorcieres citrouille 1

    'Pumpkin WItches Gang' Bag Accessory

    Cute and Halloween themed cats and dog bag accessories? Over here! ;3

    11,50€ 8,05€ excl. tax

  • Rose gold Cats studs

    Cute rose gold kitties :3

    5,50€ excl. tax

  • Sale Bijoux de sac p tits fantomes animaux 1

    'Smol Animal Ghosts' Bag Accessories

    For everyone loving ghosts and/or cute animals... You can adopt these two smol furbags in white sheet! :P Their whole body glows in the dark (even their eyes!). Once enough charged with light (either with sunlight or using an uv lamp) they can glow for a while! 

    10,00€ 7,00€ excl. tax

  • Sale Spooky charms a messages 2 1

    Spooky Charms with Text

    Witch hat shaped open bezel with 'MAGIC' text, can be used as charms or bag accessory. 'PUMPCAT' version (pun mixing PUMPkin and CAT :P) with glow in the dark effect.

    7,00€ 4,90€ excl. tax

  • Sale Chat diablotin printanier 5

    Spring Imp Cat

    An imp cat feeding only feeding itself with flower nectar and a docile personality. Details painted by hand.

    8,00€ 5,60€ excl. tax

  • Sale S 83877919

    'Stacked Cats Happy Halloween' Charm

    Two black cats and one ghost white cat...If it wasn't Halloween enough for you, I also gave them scary stickers!

    7,00€ 4,90€ excl. tax

  • Sale S 83877921

    'Stacked Zombie Cats' Charm

    These three stacked cats seem disturbing to you? You are perfectly right because they are zombie cats! Luckily, they are too slow to harm you and you will have all your sweet time to take the opposite sidewalk. The used neon pigments will do their small effect under a black light.

    7,00€ 4,90€ excl. tax

  • Sale Les animaux qui m aime me suive

    The Animals 'Who's With Me?'

    Cute and Round shapes, pastel and pearly colors,...How can you resist them? The answer is simple: you can't! ;3

    10,00€ 7,00€ excl. tax

  • Sale Les colliers chats demoniaques version a 2

    The Demon Cats Necklaces (version A)

    Necklace demon cat, halloween themed, epoxy resin

    8,40€ 5,88€ excl. tax

  • Sale Les colliers chats demoniaques version c 1

    The Demon Cats Necklaces (Version C)

    These mystical cats will follow intruders with their intense gaze (actually a light reflection with their glass eyes), goth or cute design depending of the version.

    8,40€ 5,88€ excl. tax