• Sale Les breloques bonbons halloween

    Halloween Candies Charms

    Fantasy candies shaped charms enliven with beads and other details. Each is unique and fully assembled by hand.

    7,50€ 5,25€ excl. tax

  • Sale Le fantome mangeur de bonbons 3

    The Candy Eating Ghost

    This candy addict ghost will still stay a gentleman (or a gentle ghost? XP) even if you refuse to give it will only steal them once you turned your back!

    9,00€ 6,30€ excl. tax

  • Sale Bijou de sac les peluches demoniaques lapin voleur de bonbons 3

    The Evil Plushies: Candy Thief Bunny bag accessory

    The Evil Plushies Collection: cats, bunnies, Teddies,...your favorite plushies twisted for Halloween. Some are cute others may be directly coming from a horror movie, you can choose your version! ♥

    8,00€ 5,60€ excl. tax