• Sale Bijou de sac vol vers le manoir hante 2

    Bag accessory 'Flight to the Haunted Manor'

    This piece represent the sight from a flying bat's eyes (the one hanging as a charm). Heart shaped mirror open bezel, piece made of uv resin. This piece can also be used as a bag accessory if you want :)

    13,50€ 6,75€ excl. tax

  • Sale Chatbroche halloween version rose 8

    Halloween Catbrooch (pink version)

    Catbrooches are roaming in their disguise for Halloween and they're sparkling! :3 Cute and original design, this brooch will decorate your clothes or bag! 

    4,00€ 2,00€ excl. tax


  • Sale Decoration a suspendre cercueil fleuri et chauve souris halloween 5 1

    Hanging Decoration 'Flowered Coffin and Bat' Halloween

    A jewelry to hang to decorate your place or to your bag, colored using the petri art technique.

    18,50€ 9,25€ excl. tax

  • Sale Spooky charms a messages 2 1

    Spooky Charms with Text

    Witch hat shaped open bezel with 'MAGIC' text, can be used as charms or bag accessory. 'PUMPCAT' version (pun mixing PUMPkin and CAT :P) with glow in the dark effect.

    7,00€ 3,50€ excl. tax

  • Sale Chat diablotin printanier 5

    Spring Imp Cat

    An imp cat feeding only feeding itself with flower nectar and a docile personality. Details painted by hand.

    8,00€ 4,00€ excl. tax

  • Sale Les chauves souris gourmandes 7

    The Sweet Tooth Bats

    Who said bats didn't like sweets? XP Anyway, these love them, so much that they are covered (glitters representing candy powder/sugar).  Perfect for a gift to a friend or yourself, they represent well the spooky/cute theme for Halloween with their warm colors they will match different occasions!

    10,00€ 5,00€ excl. tax

  • Sale Les chauves souris gourmandes version violettes 1 1

    The Sweet Tooth Bats (violet version)

    Earrings, halloween themed, bats and glitters

    13,00€ 6,50€ excl. tax