Handmade resin and clay jewelry and charms creator from Marseille - France

Cute or gothic, simple or whimsical, your dreamed jewelry or decoration can maybe be found here!

I mainly use epoxy resin or uv resin but also polymer clay for my creations. If you can't find what you were searching the Catdron is here to help: you fell for a piece but it doesn't have the color or version you wished for a gift? It's possible to preorder the version you wished for and its name is CreAZ! :)

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Here's a quick tour on the different creative possibilities I can offer you:


You can find in the Fashion Jewelries category everything you need to add an original touch for all occasions :)

For necklaces, I can offer you a vast choice of metal base or epoxy resin pendants.

A vast choice among earrings is also presented to you, like dangling earrings made for varied celebrations or seasons especially Halloween! Studs are more simple but there's always a way to make them unforgettable

If you are searching for an original jewelry set (earrings and necklace) you are at the right place :) And if you can't find what you were looking for, you can still preorder your own piece with my CreAZ option! 

I also craft brooches (with safety pin ou pins) especially in epoxy resin, you will see most of the possible shapes used as fashion jewelry pendants and these have great probability to be also crafted as brooch so don't hesitate to ask your own personal brooch with CreAZ

The 'Geeks' corner' categories both for fashion jewelries and accessories gather all pop culture inspired pieces (movies, cartoons, video games,...). If you are searching for a famous but customized character you are at the right place :)

The 'Halloween collection' categories for fashion jewelries and accessories gather all created pieces inspired by Halloween spirit (gothic version, spooky cute). If you like this theme all year long and not only on the 31st of October, this category will be your favorite! 

Let's visit now the Accessories main category: are you searching for an original bag accessory? An unique keyring? You will then like this category with its various choices in different possible themes :) And if you wish for a creation made with the greatest of care, let's go to the CreAZ page! (You will find the preorder form there to start giving your ideas!)

Finally, the last but not the least category because it also allows you to doll your interior up! The Decorations category includes jewelry boxes to sort all your small treasures and hanging decoration (particularly tree decorations for example)! 


Each piece is unique and handmade with passion and love.

My website store is based in France.

Shop's currency is in Euro (€), to know the prices in your own you can check this website https://cuex.com/en/eur-usd


You can wander in my store by using the navigation links in the menu. The FAQ tab is here to help you if you have questions.If your inquiery is not written yet, you can directly contact me via the Contact form or email me on: elloweencreations@gmail.com

I hope you enjoy your visit!

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